Thursday, December 17, 2009

Best Tips to Freshen Up Your Bedroom

Best Tips to Freshen Up Your Bedroom Best Tips to Freshen Up Your Bedroom

Is your bedroom looking a little staid and stale?

Do you wish you could implement a few changes to the décor so that it has a new, fresh look but you don’t have money in your budget?
Here are some tips that will brighten your bedroom [Bedroom Designs] without costing you a penny!
Do a Wash
An immediate freshener to your room is to wash the curtains and your comforter or bedspread. When you re-hang the curtains it will immediately have a brightening effect on the room. You might even use just the valance for a change as well.

Rearrange the Furniture
One of the easiest ways to brighten your bedroom is to rearrange the furniture. When you move around furniture it will give the room a whole new feel to it.
Get creative with where you put your bed and be sure you don’t block your windows so you have maximum light exposure.

You probably have some tablecloths, scarves and throw blankets around the house. Why not give them a second look. You can use a scarf to drape over your dresser or nightstand or lay one of your throw blankets you especially like at the foot of the bed.
If your headboard is plain, use scarves or colorful shawls to drape along the top or the bedposts.

If you have room on a nightstand or table in your room, why not take those pictures that are scattered around the house and make an arrangement in your bedroom.
It can be a pleasant focal point of the room to have all the ones you love with their happy and smiling faces surrounding you.

If you normally have your houseplants in the kitchen or the living room, why not move one or two to your room. Houseplants will add a serene ambience to your room so that you can slumber more peacefully.

Candles & Potpourris
Candles and potpourris will enhance the room in a variety of ways. If you use colorful, scented candles it will smell like heaven and look like a dream.
Potpourris can be made from dried flowers from your garden and put in bowls strategically around the room. You can even add items such as pine cones.
Giving your bedroom a new look doesn’t have to cost a thing. If you use your creativity and items you already have on hand, you can have your space for sleeping and relaxing looking like a whole new room.

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