Monday, November 30, 2009

Fiberglass Door Maintenance

Fiberglass Door

Although fiberglass doors are impervious to extreme weather conditions and to various chemical, waters, and other factors that may wear away your door, they still need to be given maintenance every now and then, to keep the door in fine working and looking order.

So what are the main benefactors of a fiber based door starting to break down over time? Well firstly, fiberglass doors will scratch and chip by accidental hitting or scraping certain objects firmly against the doors surface. These types of doors can also be damaged by the sun constantly baking against it, which will cause the surface of the door to begin to peel back.

It isn't too difficult of a fix, in fact, when you buy a fiberglass door they usually provide you with a fix-it yourself kit to keep your door in proper order, or you can buy a kit at a local hardware store. These are mainly for minor injuries. For major injuries, I would suggest hiring a specialist to make the repairs, but with such a strong durability length, most stores provide customers with 25 year or lifetime warranties when you buy a fiber glass based door.

If you do wish to repaint the door and to make it look more beautiful and new, it is highly important you clean off any particles or dust that may already be on the door. This should be done with a special fiber glass cleaner you can find at any hardware store. In conclusion, always refer to your doors user manual when it comes time to make custom repairs to your fiberglass door, or make sure that you buy a door with a lifetime or 25-year or more warranty for free repairs or replacements
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