Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fancy new kitchens by Warendorf and Philippe Starck

Fancy new kitchens by Warendorf and Philippe Starck

philippe starck kitchen 1

P.Starck designe kitchen

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German kitchen manufacturer Warendorf (former Miele DIE KUCHE) chose Philippe Starck to design their first kitchen line. Four new designer kitchens have been introduced under the new brand name. “The Library” aims to reinforce the connection between culture and food, “The Primary” offers some yellow neobaroque aesthetics, “The Duality” is accessible from two sides and “The Tower” rotates through 360° to deliver a brand new kitchen experience. All of them offer fabulous design and show that the combination beautiful – functional is not an oxymoron. The four kitchens are complemented by matching dining tables with shiny chrome trumpet shaped feet. [via]

philippe starck kitchen 2

modern kitchen design white by starck

philippe starck kitchen 3

itnerior design by starck

philippe starck kitchen 4

modern kitchen vision by starck

philippe starck kitchen 5

super stylish kitchen interior design

philippe starck kitchen 6

modern kitchen design

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philippe starck kitchen 7

Interior design by starck

philippe starck kitchen 8

and the designer – Philippe Starck:

philippe starck kitchen 9

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